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 Proceeds from the CD will help us in producing our second album.  Our estimated productions costs are about $1000 CAD.
What happens when a piano man from Ontario and a songstress from BC fall in love and want to create something?
Something amazing happened…  this CD Ocean’s Alive … with many more to follow: We hope you enjoy our original music and covers.

3f7bbef5-e06e-4b0b-bcd3-ed43b70e5006Rhianna Barr
“I was born in Hemel Hempstead, UK, in 1981,  I was singing before I could talk. Raised in a household with many genres of music playing; everything from The Beatles, to Jazz and pop and Holst’s “The Planets” too.
She experienced an early love for music from an early age. Writing songs from the age of 5, I used music as a form of therapy while going through rough times as well as gaining inspiration through the “growing” process.
I participated  in children’s choirs, bands, and currently sing with Victoria BC’s “Gettin’ Higher Choir” directed by Shivon Robinsong and Denis Donnelly.
I have partnered with fellow musician Gregory Beaumont to create my dream, to record my own music CD of original and covers of artists that have inspired me. I’ve spend many months of work on this project and now that work is done. I see now that finally my efforts have paid off.
Thank you Gregory for sharing in this dream. ” Rhianna

20140208_163849Gregory Beaumont
I was born in Brampton, Ontario, CA, in 1961.
I developed my love of music from my mother, and as a six year old I was part of the Canada Centennial Children’s Choir in 1967 in London Ontario.  I took piano lessons at age 9. I have been involved with music in some form or another my whole life. When I met Rhianna music sparks flew and our first CD was launched.   I am also a part of the Gettin’ Higher Choir with Rhianna.
Music is indeed a healing tool for me. My daughter was in an accident 3 years ago and music helped the healing process go faster.
In 2012 I wrote the track In His Arms – this track uses 528Hz to actually  heal your DNA.  When Rhianna first heard this track she cried tears of tremendous joy.  I hope you enjoy our music and it is a blessing to you.
Stay tuned to hear more about our two love affairs … music and each other.”  Gregory